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This is a gluten- and caffeine-free drink, 100% of vegetable origin, natural, without preservatives, produced from chicory root. It can be consumed by the whole family without any restrictions throughout the day, even before bed time. This is a drink that is easy to digest and low calorie, supporting slimming diets. Chicory root is a natural source of fibers (about 16% of fibers, including 11% of inulin). With the high fibers content, it regulates metabolism processes, activates the alimentary tract and supports weight loss.

INULIN is the main source of fibers in chicory which helps to absorb calcium, supports peristalsis, regulates the rhythm of bowel movements, protects against constipation, generates a sense of satiety and lowers blood cholesterol count. Chicory can be made in many ways which makes it a drink suitable for family meetings.


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